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Preparations for the Euro 2012

EURO 2012 KharkovThe prime-minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko named Kharkiv one of the best cities in the system of preparation for the final matches of the Euro-2012.

In particular she noted that the new airport terminals were built in a high tempo. “I can put an excellent mark and for the tempos so as for the quality”, - said Timoshenko. The prime-minister also noticed that Kharkiv built the stadium, which could be the best in Ukraine.

“It’s pleasant because Euro-2012 is not a simple competition for us, not a plain football event. For us it is the other wave of a new breath in, wave of a normal life we are going to have in the next years. Because we are building now routes, moreover the main lines, stadiums, hotels, airports”, - claimed Timoshenko.

There were mentioned before that the head secretary of UEFA David Tailor was impressed by the Kharkiv’s preparations for the matches of the European football championship in 2012.

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