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10 best hotels in Lviv

On the eve of the European Football Championship Euro 2012 the ancient Ukrainian city of Lviv is completing the final preparations for receiving tourists. Of course, the main focus is made on the hotels infrastructure, as according to preliminary estimates the city will have up to 20 thousand fans. Lviv city hotel booking system provides the list of ten most popular hotels of the city according to the tourists references.

1. Opera Hotel

Opera hotel in Lviv

Is the most popular hotel. Opera Hotel is located in the historic and commercial center of Lviv, near the Opera House. It has 51 cozy rooms, 10 rooms of which are personalized in honor of the famous Ukrainian opera singers: Salomeya Krushelnytska, Modest Mentsinskit, Mozart stars, Wagner, Batistini. They kindly open the doors to the guests of the city.

2. Leopolis Hotel

Leopolis Hotel in Lviv

Almost of the same level popularity hotel "Leopolis" is considered to be one of the most respectable and prestigious in Lviv. The luxurious exterior design of the hotel "Leopolis" is in harmony with the modern interior of the bright and comfortable rooms. The ideal quality service, with the individual approach to each client, upscale hotel staff can be put firmly among the leaders in the tourism industry.

3. “Swiss Hotel”

“Swiss Hotel” in Lviv

In third place is a small 4 star hotel “Swiss Hotel”. “Home away from home” – this is the motto of the hotel and the basic principle of customer service. Checking into the hotel “Swiss Hotel”, you will have an excellent opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the ancient city and visit the most famous museums, churches, cathedrals, theaters and cafes, which are all within a stone's throw from the hotel.

4. Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel Lviv

Fourth place belongs to the Grand Hotel, the history of which began in the XIX century. In 1893, this hotel has welcomed its first visitors, and soon gained a reputation as the best in the city of Lviv. Preserving an atmosphere of old-times, gentility and luxury, the Grand Hotel at the same time is equipped with all the latest technology for comfort. During its existence, the Grand Hotel has taken in more than 100 thousand visitors.

5. “Reikartz Dworzec Lviv” Hotel

“Reikartz Dworzec Lviv” Hotel Lviv

Completing the top five ranking is the “Reikartz Dworzec Lviv" which is a hotel belonging to the chain of hotels Reikartz Hotels & Resorts, which over the past few years has opened five new hotels in different cities of Ukraine. “Reikartz Dworzec Lviv” is a business-class hotel and meets all modern requirements. Guests always expect tastefully decorated rooms with modern and, what is more important, environmental surroundings.

6. George Hotel

George Hotel Lviv

Next in the ranking is the hotel "George" that is located in the most wonderful place in the city, which is the historic Mickiewicz square, right in front of the monument to the great poet. Hotel "George" is one of the oldest in Lviv. It was built in 1901 in neo-Renaissance style and completely renovated in 1996. It is located two blocks from the Opera House and in a five minute walk from the central square of the city. Staying at this hotel, you will find yourself in the epicenter of cultural life.

7. Vienna Hotel

Vienna Hotel in Lviv

In seventh place is the hotel "Vienna" that is located in the central part of Lviv in the same building as the famous restaurant "Videnska kavyarnya", which is over 180 years old. The hotel occupies the 2nd and 3rd floor above the restaurant and offers 20 different rooms with windows facing the central streets of the city. A few steps from the hotel "Vienna" are the main attractions of the city of Lviv. The architectural complex of Liberty Avenue, where the building of the hotel is located, is added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

8. Eurohotel

Eurohotel Lviv

Eighth place takes the hotel "Eurohotel" which is an affordable business-class hotel. If you're going on a business trip or just traveling, then the best choice for your place of rest will be "Eurohotel". The quality of service of the European level and really comfortable rooms satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding guests. The peculiarity of "Eurohotel" is the existence of special non-smoking floors.

9. "Vintage Boutique Hotel"

Ninth place takes the hotel "Vintage Boutique Hotel" which clearly stands out from other hotels in Lviv by features of design, unique style and originality of the idea. "Vintage Boutique Hotel" is designed like the apartments of Lviv residents of the XIX century. The hotel has assembled a unique archive of photographs depicting the city of Lviv at end of the XIX century. Of special appeal in the "Vintage Boutique Hotel" is its own wine cellar, where an excellent collection of wines from around the world is gathered.

10. Dnister Hotel

Dnister Hotel Lviv

The Hotel Dnister closes the list of top 10 hotels in Lviv. It is one of the most well-known in Lviv. Here stay the official delegations which come visiting the city. From the hotel windows amazing views of the breathtaking beauty of city of Lviv are offered.

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