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10 Best Hotels in Odessa

We bring to your notice Top-10 best hotels of Odessa in 2011. The top list was formed by the Odessa Ukraine Hotel Reservation System. Over 5000 tourists took part in the polling. The hotels were evaluated in 5 positions: quality of hotel rooms, hotel location, hotel service, restaurants / food, hotel rates.

1. Hotel “Black Sea”

Black Sea hotel in OdessaThe hotel “Black Sea” is an absolute leader. It has been holding a palm of victory for two years largely due to its democratic pricing policy. The hotel has an advantageous location in the centre of Odessa at the famous Privoz market and the railway station, has a remarkable transport junction and quite fair prices (the lowest rate for a hotel room starts at 50 Euro during peak season). These factors make it the best hotel in the ratio of price and service quality. The hotel renders a whole spectrum of extra services, which include all types of sightseeing, order and delivery of airline or railway tickets and transport services. The lowest rate of a hotel room starts at 65 US dollars per night.

2. Mozart Hotel

Mozart Hotel in OdessaThere are just some steps, which separate this hotel from the world-famous Odessa Opera Theatre and the Deribasovskaya Street, centre of tourist life in Odessa. The four-star hotel “Mozart”, taking second place in the top list, opens its doors and warmly welcomes city guests. The hotel face and its interiors have been reconstituted according to old photos and sketches of the Odessa hotel, existed at the beginning of the 19th century. That’s why guests enjoy an atmosphere of royal luxury, silence and peace, which are so proper to little streets of the Odessa’s historic centre. The lowest nightly rate for a hotel room starts at 199 US dollars during peak season.

3. Hotel “Arcadia Plaza”

Arcadia Plaza Hotel in OdessaWhen summer comes, the centre of night and club life in the resort city of Odessa is transferred to the picturesque Arcadia. Snow-white beaches, night clubs and discos, restaurants and bars for every taste make Arcadia the most popular tourist resort. And the luxurious five-star hotel “Arcadia-Playa”, which takes third place in the top list, is located even on this place. Soft sea, gol-den beaches, plenty of greens, gaieties for every taste, combined with luxury and comfort of the hotel complex “Arcadia Plaza”, create a relaxed and carefree atmosphere among hotel guests. However, it’s necessary to pay for this pleasure: the hotel does not correspond to the category
of cheap hotels. The lowest rate for a hotel room starts at 270 US dollars per night.

4. Londonskaya Hotel

Londonskaya HotelAmong the greens of the Primorsky Boulevard, a favourite resting-place of Odessans, there is one of the first Odessa’s hotels “Londonskaya”, located in an old manor house, sample of architecture of the 19th century. It is more than 160 years old. Many famous people have lived in this hotel, which was always considered as an example of Odessa’s warm hospitability: Montserrat Caballe and Jean-Claude van Damme stayed here, George Simenon and Paulo Coelho wrote their masterworks, Marcello Mastroianni greeted his admirers, standing on a hotel balcony. The hotel has justly taken forth place for impeccable service quality. The lowest nightly rate for a hotel room starts at 175 US dollars.

5. Otrada Hotel

Otrada Hotel in OdessaThe five-star boutique hotel “Otrada” is a true example of premium-luxury hotels. This hotel is a favourite place for taking their rest among almost all Russian and Ukrainian pop music stars, representatives of secular beau-monde and music celebrities. The hotel is situated in one of the most prestigious corners of Odessa, at the French Boulevard, near the Otrada Beach. The exquisite and successful combination of classical architecture and modern technologies, the widest spectrum of services, complying with the requirements of international standards, can satisfy even the most exacting guests. The lowest rate for a hotel room starts at 280 US dollars per night during peek season. 

6. Odessa Hotel 

Odessa Hotel in OdessaThe Odessa Hotel takes sixth place in the top list largely due to its unique location. The hotel building, washed by sea from three sides, towers over the Odessa’s seafront in the shape of a huge sailing-ship. Windows overlooking the sea and the city are justly considered the hotel highlight. Close to the hotel there is a seaport with its boiling life, where huge ocean liners and cruise ships land. Guests enjoy an atmosphere of tourist paradise in the hotel. It should be noted, that the Odessa Hotel is the biggest hotel not only in the Odessa region, but also ranks among the five biggest hotels of Ukraine. The lowest rate of a usual hotel room starts at 110 US dollars per night.

7. Continental Hotel

Continental Hotel in OdessaThe business hotel “Continental”, which takes seventh place in the top list, is situated at the beginning of the Deribasovskaya Street, in its quietest and greenest part. A welcoming commissioner meets hotel guests, opening doors to the old manor house, sample of architecture of the 19th century. The Continental hotel embodies classical principles of hotel business. Guests enjoy here an almost at-home atmosphere of comfort and silence, preserving carefully by polite hotel personal. The homey restaurant, located on the ground flour, offers traditional meals of Ukrainian cuisine, as well as classical European menu. Price level is quite acceptable for business tourists: the lowest nightly rate for a hotel room starts at 160 US dollars during peak season.

8. Morskoy Hotel

Morskoy Hotel in OdessaThe Morskoy Hotel, which takes eighth place in the top list, is located in the renowned Arcadia, immediately near the centre of Odessa’s night life, clubs Ibitsa and Itaka. That’s why the hotel enjoys the widest popularity among young people, who lead club life style. It’s difficult to find another hotel in Odessa with such an advantageous location: there are just 50 metres, which separate the sandy Arcadia Beach from the Morskoy Beach. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to reach the city centre and famous sightseeing places of Odessa as well: Opera Theatre, Potemkin Stairs and sure enough Duke de Richelieu Monument, an Odessa’s symbol. Hotel room prices fluctuate greatly during a year and reach a maximum during peak season: May – September. The lowest nightly rate for a hotel room starts at 180 US dollars at this time.

9. Hotel “Nemo”

Nemo Hotel in Odessa UkraineA unique hotel “Nemo”, which justly takes its ninth place in the top list, is situated on the Langeron Beach, a central beach of Odessa. This is the only hotel-dolphinarium in Europe, where you can see well-remembered and colourful shows of sea animals and swim together with dolphins, if you wish. Close to the hotel there is the Shevchenko Park, a favourite resting-place of Odessans and city guests. The hotel “Nemo” is a modern building, erected by architects with the purpose to afford the highest pleasure to hotel guests during their sojourn at the Black Sea: guests enjoy an atmosphere of warm summer weather and maritime romantic from restaurants and open terraces overlooking the sea. The lowest rate for a hotel room starts at 120 US dollars per night.

10. Yunost Hotel

Youth Hotel in OdessaThe Yunost Hotel, which takes tenth place in the top list, is situated on the famous French Boulevard.  Two years ago the hotel got new owners, representatives of a powerful Ukrainian hotel group, which has a hotel net in Kiev, Lviv, Donetsk and other cities of the country. The hotel conception consists of keeping previous lower prices by providing a rather high level of comfort. It should be noted, that the owners managed to achieve the desired goal. Even during peak season the lowest rate for a usual hotel room starts at 55 US dollars per night. It is one of the lowest hotel room rates in Odessa.

Currently a daily rent of apartments in the centre of Odessa enjoys the widest popularity among city guests. It is a worth alternative to hotels, whose prices can be not always acceptable for some people. Service quality, level of comfort and living conditions during the sojourn in an apartment are highly competitive with sojourning in hotels.

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