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2010 Flower Exhibition in Kiev

55th Anniversary Exhibition of Flowers in Kiev 2010 "The River of vishivanka".

Ukrainian women make rushnyk

All 10 districts of the capital presented before the Kievans floral displays for each of which were used more than 100 thousand flowers.

Birds. Flower exhibition 2010 Kiev

All visitors have the opportunity to see for themselves that at the time of the event Pechersk Landscape Park has become a real European area of ​​recreation.

Rushnyk from flowers. Exhibition in Kiev

For the first time in the 55-year history at the flower show was a prize and this is due to the fact that the exhibition has an admittance fee of 10 UAH. (1,3 USD).

Flower exhibition 2010 in Kiev

Based on the feedback of the Kiev jury has been determined the best exhibition display of flowers. The winners were three in number - Holosiivskyi, Obolonskiy and Solomensky areas of Kiev.

Kiev flower Exhibition 2010

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