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Day of Fatherland Defender in Ukraine

Day of Fatherland DefenderIt was considered that on February 23, 1918 the Red Guards have won their first victory near Pskov and Narva over the regular troops of Imperial Germany. These first victories became the "birthday of the Red Army."

In 1922 this date was officially declared the Day of the Red Army. Later February 23rd was annually celebrated in the Soviet Union as the national holiday – the Day of the Soviet Army and Navy. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the date was renamed in the Day of Fatherland Defender.

For some people the holiday of February 23 still remained the day of the men who serve in the army or in any law enforcement agencies. Nevertheless, the majority of the citizens of Russia, Ukraine and former USSR countries tend to consider the Day of Fatherland Defender not only as the anniversary of a great victory or the Birthday of the Red Army, but as the day of real men, defenders in the broadest sense of the word.

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