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55 best cities in Ukraine

Photo of LvivThe winner of the annual rating of "Focus" magazine "55 best cities to live in Ukraine" is Lviv. The city where business and educational potential are perfectly complemented with rich cultural life and tourist attractions, and so there are a number of opportunities of self-realization for residents.  

Among the leaders in certain categories can be identified Kolomia, which, like last year, remains the safest city. The most environmentally friendly city - Chernigov, leads this year also in providing of municipal services. The cheapest accommodation in Ukraine can be found in Mariupol: real estate prices here are 4 times lower than in Kiev. This indicator combined with a good enough environment once again did not allow the capital to occupy the first place.

Illichivsk shows the stability which is worthy of emulation - it remains one of the ten best cities in the country.

And the record level in falling has Irpen that passed their position immediately by 30 points, caused by the proximity of such giant as Kiev, which grasps the business activity and untwists the real estate prices in the suburbs.

Taking into the account that the economic crisis has made significant adjustments in the definition of luxury living, in the current rating "Focus" paid close attention to business and financial capacity of cities. If in prosperous times the important indicators of quality of life were considered environmental safety, life improvement and development of public utilities, so in crisis conditions the indicators changed: for many people the more important are real money, the ability of earnings and economic survival, which give confidence in the future.

Nightly Embankment of TernopolAccording to this, there was developed and introduced a new index - the business potential that takes into account the business activity and investment attractiveness of cities.

However, according to analysts’ estimates of the investment company Dragon Capital, nowadays not only large industrial centers, but the cities, developing tourism and entertainment infrastructure can expect for the influx of foreign investments. In such circumstances, many settlements of Ukraine will be forced to rely mainly on domestic reserves, in other words, on the initiative of their citizens. Therefore, the number of registered businesses in cities and employment in the near future will be a positive sign of the positive mood of people, evidence that people did not lose heart in crisis. Another important indicator of the level of life remains the expenditures of the city budget per inhabitant.

Based on these features Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye significantly improved their position in the rating. Moreover, the preparation for Euro-2012 significantly affected the development of Donetsk, Lviv and Kharkov.

Only due to the business potential Krivoy Rog entered the group of best cities, shifting back Ostrog and Svaliava, and this figure did not allow Chernovtsy to repeat its last year success.

In the current ranking there is an indicator that reflects the level of municipal services. It is based on data from the Cities Association of Ukraine, as well as information, obtained by "Focus" of local government and from public sources.

This year, in addition to the number of higher educational institutions of III and IV level of accreditation, located in the city, there was taken into account the number of students per thousand of population. Therefore ranking shows how attractive the city is due to higher education opportunity that, in turn, demonstrates their technological potential.

Cultural and tourism spheres were estimated more pragmatically this year. Instead of the number of theaters, cinemas and palaces of culture in determining humanist potential there were used expert estimates put by production center representatives, tour agencies and cinema companies.Crimea. Yalta before the sunset

Evaluation was carried out on 55-point scale. Business potential index derived based on the amount of expert reviews and ratings data of the city departments of statistics and press services and municipal executive committees. 

55 best cities to live in Ukraine ("Focus", 2009)

Place City                     
2 Kiev
3 Ivano-Frankivsk
4 Chernovtsy
5 Yalta
6 Kharkov
7 Odessa
8 Illichivsk
9 Simferopol
10 Sevastopol
11 Chernigov
12 Khmelnitsky
13 Dnepropetrovsk
14 Donetsk
15 Poltava
16 Borispol
17 Rivne
18 Kamenets-Podolsky
19 Vinnitsa
20 Mukachevo
22 Feodosia
23 Uzhgorod
24 Truskavets
25 Sumy
26 Kremenchug
27 Mirgorod
28 Nikolaev
29 Kherson
30 Brovary
31 Evpatoria
32 Zaporozhye
33 Lugansk
34 Ternopol
35 Uman
36 Mariupol
37 Alushta
38 Slavutych
39 Krivoy Rog
40 Zhitomir
41 Irpen
42 Colomia
43 Kirovograd
44 Kerch
45 Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky
46 Yuzhnoukrainsk
47 Cherkassy
48 Energodar
49 Nizhyn
50 Melitopol
51 Berdyansk
52 Netishin
53 Artemovsk
54 Bila Tserkva
55 Sudak


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