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2011 Flower Exhibition in Kiev

On August 20th at "Spevuche pole" in Kiev opened a traditional 56 flower exhibition timed to the Independence Day, celebrated on August 24 2011.

Monument to the founders of Kiev made from flowers

The slopes of the "Spevuche pole" became decorated with beautiful compositions for the production of which it took hundreds of thousands of flowers.

The Flower candy Raffaello, which meets your eyes at the visitors' approach, is made of 30,000 chrysanthemums. The Flower candy Raffaello is the largest installation made from flowers in the Ukraine. It is also set a record for the number of flowers used.

Raffaelo canyd at Flower exhibition in Kiev 2011

Flowers exhibition is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Ukrainian independence, its motto is "Prosperity to you, Ukraine, my dear and only."

Themes of flower copositions:

Tree of Ukraine, which is a trunk and a crown in the shape of the contours of Ukraine. It is known that to produce the instalation "Tree of Life" flower growers used about 70 000 flowers.

Tree of Ukraine made from flowers

Cossack Mamay with bandura

Cossack Mamay with bandura. Flower exhibition 2011

A huge cake in honor of the 20th anniversary of national independence

Flower exhibition 2011 photos: Huge cake from flowers

Two pigeons sitting on the flowers

Pigeons made from Flowers. Flower exhibition Kiev

The Monument to the founders of Kiev

2011 Flower exhibition. Monument to the founders of Kiev

Sheaf Ukrainian bread

Ukrainian Bred made from flowers

Ukrainian emblem

Ukrainian emblem made from flowers

The way to the future

The way to the future. 56 Kiev flower exhibition

Admission to the exhibition is not  free: adult ticket price is 10 UAH. (1,3 USD), for children - 5 UAH (0,6 USD). Seniors admission is free.

Start date: August 20, 2011 Deadline: September 4, 2011

On the preparation of the exhibition worked landscapers of 9 districts of the capital.

If you go down the stairs from the exhibition, you will get to the bank of the Dnieper – the place where the monument to the founders of Kiev is located.

The most convenient way to the exhibition is to get to the metro station Arsenal and than - up to WWII Memorial by local transport.

Review also 2009 Flower exhibition in Kiev.


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