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Church of the Resurrection (Afghan) in Kiev

Afghan church is the church that has been close since 1992 to warriors and those who care about the tragic events that happened in Afghanistan. It is based on the Old Resurrection church, that was first mentioned in 1638. Athanasius Kalnofoysky, the monk of the Pechersky monastery, while planning the cave system of St. Elder Antonius, added the Ressurection church to the plan.

Afghan church in Kiev

When the old church was decayed, a new wooden church was constructed instead. It has presumably happened in 1679 during the construction of great fortifications that were aimed at protecting Kiev from the Turks attacking the city. The Resurrection church was most likely rebuilt into a defense unit of the Pechersky fort. This church, that has survived until nowadays, was built in 1696-1698 and was sponsored by a Cossack Colonel Konstantin Mokievsky. During the years of its existence, the church was repeatedly rebuilt. In 1860-1863 a new stone bell tower was added. However, the most drastic transformation happened in the late XIX century, when the church was destroyed by fire in 1884. The church was later reconstructed according to a project by an architect Nikolayev.

The decoration at the entrance to the churchOut of the extensions that survived until nowadays, in 1865 a hotel for the worshipers was constructed. A single-storey housing was attached to the fence. Later there were added houses for a deacon, a clerk, a rector, and the northern and western gates.

The painting of the Resurrection church was most likely completed in the XVIII century, and today you can still see a fragment of the painting on the south wall of the church. The main shrines Afghan Church is an icon of Great Martyr Panteleimon with relics and icons of Our Lady of Czestochowa, "All Who Sorrow" and "It is truly". The Resurrection church was majorly restored in 1979-1981, and in 1992 it was given to the Union of Afghan veterans for permanent use. Currently the church community is putting their effort in reconstruction of the iconostasis and the interior of the church, as well as the realization of the completed project of the Wall of Rememberance. Those people, whose pictures will be placed on the Wall, will not benefit from it, but people who survived thanks to those warriors, need this project to happen.

Address of the Church of the Resurrection: Kiev, Lavrska street, 17.


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