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Dnepropetrovsk International Airport

Airport in DnepropetrovskDnepropetrovsk Airport is located 15 kilometers from the city center near the village “Starye Kodaki”. 27 December 1993 the Cabinet of Ministers granted it the status of the International Airport, now the airport is among the leading airports in Ukraine and works around the clock. It takes such models of aircrafts: Il-14, -62, An-12, -24, -26, -124, Yak-40-42, Tu-134, -154 and helicopters. Due to different transit flights the geography of the regions of the flights expands significantly from year to year.

In the 70 years Airport of Dnepropetrovsk was associated with almost half of the former Soviet Union countries. In 1974 there was built a new airport terminal, and since 1976, when the first aircrafts Tu-154 began to land in the airport, Dnepropetrovsk received direct flights from almost all parts of the former Soviet Union, with the exception of the Far North and Far East.

In 1983, the Ministry of Civil Aviation includes Dnepropetrovsk Airport in the International Airport in Dnepropetrovsknumber of those four airports, which are to be exemplary and to meet international standards. In 1987 there was held the reconstruction of the airport: there was lengthened the landing strip, allowing Dnepropetrovsk to take aircrafts "Antei", “Ruslan” and Il-62. After removal of secrecy from the city, there are carried out the air flights in the near and far abroad.

After the reconstruction of Dnepropetrovsk International Airport in 1996, there were opened offices of various foreign airlines, passenger flow is increasing sharply.

Dnepropetrovsk International AirportCurrently, the Dnepropetrovsk Airport is actively under construction and repair: there is built a new terminal of international significance, the new landing strip, there are repaired the existing landing strips, steering ways, platform, light-signal and radio-navigation systems. All these activities will be complete by 2012.


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