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Alexander Avenue in Odessa

Monument to ataman HolovatyAlexander Avenue (Alexander Prospect) is one of the central streets of Odessa. However the avenue is not a popular place for walking, it has a very interesting history and there are a large number of monuments.

Alexander Avenue is a long street with lots of vegetation in the center of Odessa. It joins the Greek Square with practically the very railway station. To Alexander Avenue there was moved "book" - small market where are sold various sources of information from textbooks to DVD. On the avenue there are monuments to the Polish writer Adam Mickiewicz, his Ukrainian colleague Ivan Franko and the monument to the dead policemen. Also on the avenue there is a monument to ataman Holovaty.Alexander Avenue in Odessa Although the last monument has another name ... as ataman is not on the horse, but beside it, so the horse is more visible in the sculptural composition. The horse stands with its back to the Preobrazhenskaia Street, which offers the view on the monument. Due to these facts the monument was named as the monument to Ataman Holovaty’s Horse’s Ass.

But the history of this street is more remarkable, namely its numerous renamings. The original name of the street was the same as now, however, the street experienced about 10 renamings. There were also the oddities. During the occupation the street was called Hitler Avenue, Alexander Avenue in Odessa. Ukraineafter the emancipation it was renamed to Stalin Avenue. After discrediting of the cult of personality it became Avenue of Piece. Odessa citizens sometimes call it the Avenue of Hitler and Stalin Piece. However, the history of renamings of Alexander Avenue is still ongoing. Ukrainian nationalists proposed to rename this avenue in honor of their deceased colleague Maxim Chaika.


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