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Alley of love in Dnepropetrovsk

Alley of love in DnepropetrovskOn September 13th, during the feast of the 227th birthday of the city, an “Alley of love”, located on the Stolyarova street in Dnepropetrovsk was opened. And it immediately became one of the symbols of the city. Originally, this place was defined by the city authorities for rallies, demonstrations, public meetings and protests. However, they changed their minds, by moving them to the entrance of the central park of culture and recreation. Here they opened the most famous alley in Ukraine.

Alley of lovers in Dnepropetrovsk is known for its wonderful and beautiful seating area, as well as a fountain of Cupid, which is the smallest fountain in the city. Walking through the alley you can admire the bench of “Anxious Waiting”, the fountain of “Romantic Dates”, the alley of “Pleasant Meetings” and a “Copper towel” with a heating system. Cheerful townspeople immediately after the opening of the alley have come up with yet another urban legend. It is believed that the towel which is under the arrows of Cupid and is designed for honeymooners, has certain magical powers. It can reconcile the lovers who have quarreled and have forever connected their lives, hearts and souls.

On the day of the opening ceremony of the Alley, on the towel stood the first 16 married couples, vowing eternal love and fidelity. During the festivities the right on the first kiss was given to the Governor of the city Vladimir Yatsuba, and Dnepropetrovsk Mayor Ivan Kulichenko, ordered all the couples present to kiss.


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