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"Ancient Chernigiv"

"Ancient Chernigiv" is one of the tourist gems of Ukraine.

It includes 29 original models of ancient architecture, 6 of them belong to the pre-Mongol period, and are one of the oldest in the Eastern Europe.

Spaso-Preobrazhensky (Transfiguration of the Savior) Cathedral in Chernigiv

The historic reserve includes the Spassky Cathedral (XI century), the mound necropolis (IX century), the Christian cult underground complex – the Anthony Caves (XI century).

Anthony Caves, ChernigovThere are also  collection of the woodcarving items, various building components of different age, a collection of icons of the XVII-XIX centuries (over 800 icons), fabrics, embroidery, objects of ancient cults (over 500 pcs) and a collection of articles made of various metals, including precious (more than 200 pieces, for example, a part of the magnificent silver iconostasis from the Borysoglebsky Cathedral), a collection of archaeological finds (over 50,000 pcs), as well as the samples of Slavic Literature and Books, dated by the  XVII - XIX century (over 100 books).

There are more than 10 ongoing exhibitions of various subjects that function in most historical buildings of the National sanctuary.

The collection of the reserve’s exhibits is constantly expaning.

The most recent acquisitions of the National architectural - historical complex are the icons of «St. Feodosy Uglicky and St. Catherine» (name icon created by the Novgorod - Siversk unknown master in the XIX Boris and Gleb (Borisoglebsky) Cathedral in Chernigiv, Ukrainecentury), an icon of «the Mother of God of the Three Hands» (XIX century), a rare sample - an icon of John the Baptist (XIX century, metal) and the book «Liturgical Hexahemeron» (XVII century, Moscow).

Trinity and St. Ilijah Monastery in Chernigov

All the exhibits of the museum have been acquired mainly on the state money and donations to the reserve fund.


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