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Andrew's Descent in Kiev

Andrew's DescentIn every city there is an old street, in whose lives there are inextricably united reality and history, fantasy and reality. This living history in Kiev is Andrew's Descent. The name of the street is associated with the presence of the Apostle Andrew in Kiev Mountains. The legend ascribes to him the prophecy about the appearance of the city here, which will play the greatest role in the history of the Slavic peoples.

St. Andrew's Church on the street of the same name in Kiev was founded by Empress Elizabeth, as thankful for the meeting with the future Count Razumovsky, who became her husband. It was built on the draft by Rastrelli in 1753. The successfully selected location on the hill makes it visible from the low-lying Podil and neighbouring mountains. According to legend this was the place, where Andrew set up the cross, prophesied about the future of Kiev. There had always stood wooden churches.

Andrew's Descent. KievMoreover legend says that in the valley, where now runs the Dnieper, there was the sea, which vanished away, but some of it is hidden under the mount, and since then there is a spring, hidden under the altar of the temple. For the same reason, the church has no bells, because with the first hit of the bell, the water may go out to the surface and fill all the Left Bank.

Modern Andrew Descent, as well as French Montmartre and Moscow's Arbat, are rich in artists, who exhibit their works here: paintings, glass and ceramics, wooden figurines, jewellery, toys and more. There are official art salons and galleries on Andrew’s Descent. Here are songs and performing artists of different genres.

On Andrew’s Descent there is quite a diverse choice of cafes. The atmosphere differs from the street bustle of everyday life, it is more like the smooth and fairly quiet atmosphere of the last century. And in the house numbered 13 locates the Museum of Mikhail Bulgakov. He lived in this house.Andrew's Descent in Kiev

One can not ignore the Museum of one street. Of course - this is Andrew's Descent, its story in photos, pictures and other objects of different times.

If you are tired of impressions, then you can relax in a shady park, where are also exhibited the creative works of sculptor Ivan Kavaleridze.


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