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Annunciation of the Mother of God

Annunciation DayIn ancient times the holiday of the Annunciation had different names: the conception of Christ, the Annunciation of Christ, the beginning of redemption, the Annunciation of the Angel Mary. There is no information about where and how first appeared the holiday of the Annunciation. It is known that in 560 Emperor Justinian admitted the date of the celebration of the Annunciation Day on April 7.

The name of the holiday - Annunciation - conveys the main meaning of it: the proclamation of the good news to Virgin Mary about the conception and birth of God baby Christ.

The icon of the holiday shows: the angel descends to the Virgin, to tell her "Good News". Archangel Gabriel brought the biggest news to Virgin Mary - the Son of God becomes the Son of man, thus saying that Mary will give birth to the Son of God.

If this holiday is held in the time of Lent, in this day one can eat fish and drink wine.

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