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Annunciation Cathedral in Kharkov

Annunciation CathedralCathedral of the Annunciation of Mother of God or the Annunciation Cathedral is located in Kharkov, on the Karl Marx Square, 1, and is the cathedral of the Kharkov Diocese of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate.

The first church in the name of the Annunciation of Mother of God was founded around 1655 and was a wooden temple, made in the traditional Ukrainian forms with the separate bell tower and surrounded with a fence around. In 1720 there was the second priest in the church and the parish expanded. In 1738 the great fire destroyed almost completely the church building, but the temple was restored to its original form.

The decision to create the new stone temple was made much later. In 1789 there was founded the new stone temple with one dome, which bore the imprint of early classicism and was erected on the draft by P.A. Yaroslavsky, on the place of the wooden church. The construction has continued for 5 years, and on 8th September 1794 there was held the consecration ceremony of the newly built temple.

Due to the increasing population in the 30-ies of the XIX century, there was made the decision to re-expand the church and build chapels in the name of the Holy Martyr John the Warrior and St. Barbara, followed by the decision to repair the church completely.
Annunciation Cathedral in Kharkov
In 1846-1863 years the temple had the title "city cathedral", while a permanent increase in the number of parishioners caused the issue of the restoration of the church and then brought to build the new church. The building began in 1888 and was carried out due to the generous donations from the merchants.

The author of the draft of the new temple was the architect M.I. Lovtsov, who boldly experimented with styles and different elements of eclecticism, having created the masterpiece in the fashionable Byzantine-Russian style and decorated it with alternating rows of red brick and light plaster.

Cathedral of the Annunciation of Mother of GodThe end of the construction of the church and its consecration ceremony dates back to 1901. Since then the fate of the temple had become unbearably heavy: the struggle of various Orthodox jurisdictions for it, attempts to close the church, its final closure, the use of sacred place as stables and storage of petroleum products.

The resumption of worship in the city cathedral has started since the occupation of Kharkov by Nazis and continued up to this day. Since 50-ies of XX century the Annunciation Cathedral has been repaired several times. The relics of St. Meletios of Kharkov and St. Athanasius Patelariya, Patriarch of Constantinople were brought in the Cathedral.


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