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Arabat spit

Arabat spit is a unique natural reserve of more than a hundred kilometers long. The spit got its name from the Turkish fortress ("Rabat" in Arabic means a military post) that was built in the area.

Arabat spit Ukraine

The part of the land that is named the spit is referred to as land going into the sea and has a specific form, expanded at the beginning and tapered to an end. The width of the spit at the narrowest point is about 300m. The material from which the Arabat spit consists of is coquina. The spit is located in the Sea of Azov. It is separates the Sywash Gulf from the Sea of Azov.

Arabat spit is a perfect holiday destination for people with children, due to the shallow bed and the special composition of water (it is enriched with iodine and bromine). Water temperature here reaches + 29°C.

In Ukraine this region has also been famous not only for curative water and industrial achievements, in ancient times here was a salt mine, the salt from which was very highly valued. From every village of Ukraine big armadas of carts came here for "salt" in the past centuries. This people where called Chumaks. Salt is still mined here. Right on the Arabat Spit (in its widest part) is located the lake Genichensk (a nearby city is named in honor of the lake) and here are extracted useful minerals.

Arabat spit

During the existence of the Ukrainian Cossacks Arabat spit was often a place of battles, because on the spit was located a Turkish fortress which clothed the course of the Cossacks and Chumaks to the Crimea. In the late 16th century the fortress was captured by Zaporozhian Cossacks led by ataman Rog.

During the Russian-Turkish war the Arabat strait (that was reclaimed by the Turks) was re-taken by the Russian-Ukrainian troops. And after the joining of the Crimea to Ukraine Arabat spit is part of the Ukrainian coast.

Today Arabat strait is a unique natural reserve of Ukraine with big amount of plans and animals. It is also well know resort at the Sea of Azov.


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