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Architecture of Ukraine

The architectural tradition on the territory of Ukraine had a long historical way of evolution. The most ancient memorials of monumental and Ukrainian Architecture. Hersonesbuilding architecture on the Ukrainian lands have the origin of the former Greek settlements on the Black Sea coast which belong to 8-7th century BC. Most of those big cities were located in Crimea: Khersones (Chersonese) near Sevastopol, Feodosia, Pantikapej (contemporary Kerch), Fanagoria in front of Kerch, and Tira above the Dniester estuary, Taman, Tanais near the contemporary Rostov-on-Don etc. The remnants of the architectural complex of Bilsk (7-3rd century BC) are identified with the preancient city Gelon, mentioned by Herodot.

The experiments with the saved insignificant remnants of the antique Ukrainian Architecture. Church in Sorochintsi baroque stylebuildings and other artistic productions point out that in 8-6th century BC Prechernomorye was influenced with the so-called ionic style and since 5th century there were templates of Athenian and, later (2nd century AD), of Roman building. The found bases of the defensive city walls (Olvia, Pantikapej, Nimphej, Gorgippia), dwelling houses, temple of Apollo in Olvia and various fragments of columns and capitals show their difference from the Greek paragons – attic and those of Asia Minor. The tombs with an arch made of stones are of special interest. This new for that time constructive mean of cover was not known in the very Greece but only in some settlements, for example in Alexandria.

Ukrainian baroque is characterized by special peculiarities, in particular by using the traditions of folk art. Its original style was clearly reflected in the architecture of Levoberezhie and Slobozhanshina, unified with Russia in result of liberation war of Ukrainian people in 1648-1654.Architecture of Ukraine. Sofiya Kievskaya

The other situation was on the western lands of Ukraine which belonged to Poland. There differed everything – clients, tastes, architects (generally foreigners), building techniques and materials. The policy of catholic expansion became stronger. Just this policy caused the building of a number of catholic convents in Galitsia, Volyn’, Podilya and Pravoberezhie. One of the first structures which cmpletely corresponded the architectural style of baroque was the Jesuit church of Peter and Pavel in Lvov, erected by the italian Jakomo Briano in 1610-1630. This church had the peculiarities similar to the Gothic architecture.

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