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Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Day of the Armed Forces of UkraineDay of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is celebrated annually on December 6 – in the day of the 1991 Law of Ukraine "On the Armed Forces of Ukraine".

Created in the memorable 1991, the Ukrainian army has passed a historic march in a complex way of becoming. It is the process of reforming of the armed forces now, which must meet the integration directions of the state and the requirements of the modern democratic society.

Ukrainian military carry out combat tasks in protecting the peace in different parts of the world, demonstrating the high level of professionalism and raising the international prestige of Ukraine. The peacekeeping mission is one of the defining features of the Ukraine's role at the world stage, the important feature of the Ukrainian military policy. Ukrainian flag in the hot spots of the planet has become a symbol of love of peace, stability and responsibility.

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