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Armenian Church in Chernovtsy

The Armenian church is a true gem of the city of Chernovtsy and is often visited not only by the tourists, but also by the citizens. This architecture object is interesting both from the construction point of view and for its fame as a church with its own organ hall.

Armenian church in Chernovtsy

The history of the church began from the continuous construction that went on for 6 years. The project of the church was designed by the famous Czech architect Joseph Glavka, who is also known for creating the Chernovtsy state university.

The author succeeded in combining the elements of the Gothic and Byzantine style that used to be the most prevalent in Armenian religious architecture. The shape of the Armenian church resembles the Latin cross. The temple altar is rounded a in semicircle, the main entrance has a triangular protrusion. The image of the facade is completed by two bell towers.

The inside of the church

The decision regarding the construction of the Armenian church was taken in 1865 and started with the creation of the construction committee with several landowners as its members. The members of the committee asked the Armenians of the world to help with the construction, and once the Armenians heard the plea was heard, the money started flowing to Chernovtsy. One of the sponsors was the Austrian Cesar Franz Joseph, which was unprecedented for any other church in Bukovina region. The land for construction was assigned within the city limits. After the building was completed, the church was consecrated with the names of Apostles Peter and Paul in the autumn of 1875. The plan was initially not to just build the church for the services, but also a spot for uniting the Armenian community. There was also a parochial school.

The church in winter

Until 1940 the Armenian church functioned on a regular basis, but after the catholic community was destroyed, the church was closed as well. A lot of Armenians were repressed or imprisoned by the Soviet regime. The empty building that had excellent acoustics was notice by the local philharmonic hall. The church was previously used as a spot for the church choral performances.

In 1992 a chamber organ music hall was opened in the building of the Armenian church. It is still function and pleases the taste of the visitors with performance by local and international artists. If you’re planning a trip around Ukraine, you shouldn’t miss Chernovtsy. Here you can not only see the architecture monuments, but also get the unforgettable impression from the classic organ music that charms you within the first seconds.


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