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City Arsenal in Lviv

Arsenal in LvivCity Arsenal was built in Lviv in 1554-1556 years as a fortification. After the fire in 1571 the building was almost completely destroyed, so in 1574-1575 years there was built a new building that has survived up to nowadays.

The very building is built of stone, it has a rectangular shape; on its north side there is a small octagonal tower, the building has only two floors and small windows-loopholes. According to the excavations of 70-ies of XX century, the walls of the first floor and the tower were erected around the XIV century.

City arsenal was connected to walls of the city, the small fragment of which survived to our days, and is clearly visible from the Arsenal Street. Also now you can see the preserved ditch, which previously surrounded the building of arsenal.

City arsenal was used for storage, repair and manufacture of weapons. Next to the building there was situated the foundry, where the cannons were casted for sales and protection of the city.

Exhibition in Arsenal LvivThroughout its history, the arsenal experienced many heroic and tragic moments. In the XVIII century in the basement of it there were held the captive Haidamaks and Ukrainian Cossacks, the participants of Uprising in Ukraine, sentenced to death. In one casemate there were the torture chamber and housing of the executioner. Above the entrance to the building there were two inscriptions in Latin: "The city is adorned with arms and, the piece is advocated with arms" and "Happy is the city which in time of peace to foresee the future danger".

During the attack on the city by the Swedes in 1704, the City arsenal was destroyed, and in 1706 it was rebuilt again. In 1979-1981 there took place the full restoration of the building of the city arsenal. And in 1981, 18 May, there was opened the museum of weapons of Arsenal, which contains exhibits from more than 30 countries. The exhibits are arranged in chronological order, beginning from the XI century to our days, depending on the place of manufacture and type of the weapon. City Arsenal in LvivThe exhibition includes swords of crusader-knights, chain armors, shields, helmets, a vast collection of cold and fire arms, as well as many other unique types of deadly weapons.

Currently, the City arsenal is not only one of the best museums of weapons, but also a monument of defensive architecture, built in Renaissance style.


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