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Art museum in Chernovtsy

In the very heart of Chernovtsy, not far from the city hall, there is a wonderful building that impresses not only art connoisseurs, but everyone who gets to see it. The building belongs to the art museum in Chernovtsy.

Art museum in Chernovtsy

The building that has been built according to the style of the Vienna Secession, is also known as the Chernovtsy Olympus among the citizens, which is completely reasonable, as the building that has been constructed in 1900-1901 belongs to the most striking and impressive houses that had been built in Chernovtsy during the years of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Stained-glass window in the museum

The construction of the building that is still functioning as an art museum was managed the architect Hubert Hessner. Initially it was planned that the building will serve for the board of directors of Bukovina savings bank. In 1940 the building was taken by the communist party’s chapter. The art value of the house is in the perfect combination of sculpture, stucco, paintings, stained glasses and even metalwork. The upper part of the façade is decorated with a majolica panels that depict the prosperity of economy in Austro-Hungarian Empire. The chest of one of the allegoric figures is decorated by the emblem of Bukovina, and therefore historians consider the rest of the figures to represent certain parts of the Empire. Moreover, citizens of Chernovtsy used to like to decorate their own houses with images or little figures depicting the heroes of ancient myths, and even the building of the Bukovina savings bank is no exception.

Art museum (on the left)

The Chernovtsy art museum has opened in 1988, and several times it was forced to move from one location to another. After 3 years of constant relocations, the museum finally was settled in the building of the board of directors in Bukovina savings bank.

Nowadays there are more than 8500 exhibits, which tell about the history of the city from XVII to XX centuries, on display in the museum. Most of the exhibits are talented works of art. Among the exhibits there are works by artists who used to live in Bukovina region until 1940 and represented various nations and cultures. While visiting the museum, pay extra attention to exhibits of metalwork, ceramics, leatherwork and woodwork. Also don’t forget to see a large collection of art fabrics.


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