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Astronomical observatory in Kiev

The main Astronomical obseravtory of Ukraine emerged due to the outstanding geophysicist and astronomer Alexander Orlov. He was planning this since 1919, when he was elected full member of the Ukrainian Academy of Science. This newly created establishment included the construction of an astronomical observatory to its agenda.

Astronomical observatory in Kiev

The spot for construction of the observatory was selected in the Kanev suburbs. However, the World War II disrupted the plans. Only in the winter of 1938 the Academy of Science of the USSR ordered an observatory to be constructed in the place where the Botanical garden now stands. And once again these plans were destroyed by war.

Nevertheless, Orlov remained willing to fulfill his decision. Soon after Kiev was liberated from occupants, he started trying again, and in the summer of 1944 the People’s Committee of USSR ordered the construction to begin.

Astronomical observatory in Kiev

The Astronomic observatory was placed in Goloseevsky forest, on a glade selected by Orlov himself. In 1949 the Observatory was opened. Not long after that the establishment became known as a major scientific centre that produced a lot of talented scholars.

In 2004 the Astronomical observatory celebrated its 60 anniversary, and to mark this date, a Museum of history of the Observatory was opened. Moreover, a small planet 15675, which was discovered in 1978, was given the name of Goloseevo to celebrate the anniversary. The scientific activities are still taking place in the Astronomical observatory: mysterious celestial bodies, satellites and stars are still being observed.

Astronomical observatory in Kiev

Due to the location the Observatory is widely known as Goloseevka. Every visitor of the Museum of history of the Observatory can visit the Temple of Muse of astronomy, where one can find out about scientific discoveries made in the observatory, see the equipment and tools that are used by the scientists in their research, and take a look at the eternity of Universe through the lens of the modern telescope.

There are excursions, popular science lectures, and astronomic activities taking place in the Astronomic observatory.

Address of the Astronomic observatory: Akademika Zabolotnogo street, 27.


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