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Babyn Yar in Kiev

Babyn Yar in KievBabyn Yar is located on the north-west of Kiev, between Lukianivka and Syrets districts. The history of the place goes back to 1402 when the landlord sold a land to the Dominican monastery. In 1869, near the Babyn Yar Syrets military camp was founded. Later, in 1895, the Divisional church was opened on that territory; however, during the Revolution it was destroyed. In 1870- 1962, Lukianivske cemetery was located in the southern part of the Babyn Yar. From 1891 to 1937, there was a Jewish cemetery. After the Second World War, a few burials that have left there were moved to the Berkovetske cemetery. Nowadays, it is a conservation area.

Babyn Yar is known worldwide as a place of mass execution. In September 19, 1941, German troops that occupied Kiev shot there Jews and Soviet prisoners. Near the ravine groups of 30-40 people were forced to undress, and their personal belongings were confiscated. On the edge of the 25 m deep ravine they were shot. The sounds of shots were damped by music and noise of the airplane. After Kiev, Babyn Yarthat, when the ravine was filled with dead bodies, they were covered with ground. According to Ukrainian scientists, about 150,000 people were killed there, not including the number of children up to 3 years old. Only 29 people were miraculously saved from execution.

Babyn Yar in Kiev, Ukraine

Today, there are monuments and memorials to the shooting victims. Many children, prisoners, priests, women and officials were killed there. Before the tragedy took place, there was a 2.5 km long and 50m deep ravine with a brook.


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