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Baikove cemetery in Kiev

Baikove cemetery is one of the most controversial Kiev sights. On the one hand, this place is intended to be a little bit creepy, but on the other hand, this place concentrates centuries from the history of Ukraine and Kiev. A lot of famous Ukrainian found peace at last here.

Baikove cemetery in Kiev

While walking through the alleys of the cemetery, you can see a lot of crypts and monuments that can be viewed as architectural masterpieces. Some of them were created by famous architects, for example, V. Nikolayev and V. Gorodetsky.

Baikove cemetery was opened in 1834. The opening was initiated by Gen. S. Baikov. After the Russian-Turkish war he retired and decided to move to Kiev. He bought a farm that was later called the Baikove. After some time passed, the farm and the cemetery on the farm were called Baikove as well. The General offered Catholics and Lutherans to be buried in the special section of the cemetery, and later Orthodox Christians were buried there too.

The gates to the Catholic part of the cemetery

Earlier Baikove cemetery was located on the left from the modern Baikova street. This part is now known as the Old cemetery. It is divided into Catholic, Lutheran and Orthodox parts. The first two parts looked like a fancy landscaped park, and the Orthodox part looked poor and abandoned. This happened due to the fact that during those times Orthodox citizens of Kiev were far from wealthy.

In 1880s the New cemetery was opened near the Old one. V. Nikolayev designed the project of the Voznesenskaya church, which was constructed on the cemetery in 1884. Soon the cemetery started making a considerable income due to the sales of burial space. This led to the territory being renovated.

Voznesenskaya church

Nowadays the Baikove cemetery is a giant city of the dead. It occupies about 20 hectares, and since it was opened 2 centuries ago, tens of thousands of people were put to rest here. Mass burials are not allowed these days, and urns with ashes are buried in the local columbarium.

Address of the Baikove cemetery: Baikova street, 6.


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