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Balabukh Estate in Kiev

Do you know what is "balabukh"? This interesting name was given to the sweets, which were produced in a one-story house on the Oleksandrivska Street, formerly owned by Balabukh merchant family. This family became famous in production of delicious sweets made of the candied fruits ("Kiev glace fruits", candied berries and fruits). The imperial court was a regular customer of the Balabukh family. By 1787, Empress Catherine II was a fan of Kiev sweets and on April 14, 1777, during her reign, she issued a law about permanent supplies of the sweets to the court.

Balabukh Estate in Kiev

For many generations, Balabukh family had a monopoly on the production of tasty sweets. Semen Semenovich Balabukha, activist of the Kiev city council specialized in the production of glace fruit sweets since 1790s. Due to the high quality of products and an effective management, family business succeeded, facing a competition of other confectioneries. Semen Semenovich was rich in every sense of the word. He had eight sons and seven daughters. Elder and junior sons followed in their father's footsteps and were also engaged in a family business. Branded Balabukh sweets acquired international fame and won many awards, including the award at the National Exhibition in Moscow (1870) and the World Exhibition in Vienna (1873) and Prague (1877).

In the Balabukh Estate in Kiev

In 1834, Nikolai Semenovich Balabukha (1800-1887), eldest son of Semen Semenovich, gained possession of the estate with huge garden and two non-residential buildings located at the corner of Oleksandrivska and Andriivska streets. There he created and equipped "jam shops". Balabukh houses were built in 1811. In 1839 after Nikolai Semenovich purchased an estate, the buildings were decorated in Ukrainian Baroque style by the architect L.Stanzani. Nowadays, there is a restaurant "Staroe Zaporozhie" and a casino. In the square between the buildings there are beautiful sculptures of Kobzar and Cossack. The place still has a nice and cozy atmosphere.


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