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The Mystery of the Balaklava Bay

The Balaklava Bay is located in South Coast of the Crimea near Sevastopol. The Balaklava Bay was formed in result of tectonic processes Balaklava bay. Crimea. Ukraineand the descending of the bottom of the south edge of Balaklava valley in the epoch of alpine mountain formation. The length of the bay is 1,5km and the largest width is 425m, the depth is 5-10m in riverhead, 25m near the beach and 35m in the mouth. The entrance into the bay lies between capes Georgia (Balaklavskij, the east coast) and Kurona (Western/Batarejnyi). Near the entrance on the east coast is situated the mountain Kreposnaya (Kastron) with the ruins of the Genoese fortress Chembalo. The bay is curved, marvelous, hidden by mountains, unnoticeable from sea. The winding waterway protects the bay from the strong storms.

The peculiarity of the Balaklava Bay is its limited link with the open sea. Surrounded with mountains this bay looks mysterious. The configuration of the shore line divides the bay into two parts – the southern deep which adjoins the open sea and the northern shallow the stale part, polluted with different drainages. The Balaklava Bay is the best bay for yachting on the Black Sea coast originating from its geographical, natural and navigational peculiarities. It’s shut of wind and waves from all directions. The bay is not loaded with the large crafts that make no problems in navigation.

Ukraine. Crimea. Balaklava bay. PhotoBalaklava is a wonderful health-resort. Here are the unique monuments of nature: capes Aya and Fiolent. On the left shore of the bay is situated the Krepostnaya Mountain with fortress Chembalo. The remnants of the towers which were 12 in the 19th century are noticeable from the embankment and intrigue everyone who visits Balaklava. This place can be called mysterious not only for its beauty and location but for its history as well. Since the end of 19th century Balaklava has been developing as the place for rest: here are the country-houses of Princes Yusupov and Gagarin, Earl Naryshkin etc. During the Second World War Balaklava almost was not damaged but stood closed for a long period.

The mystery of Balaklava Bay

The mystery of Balaklava Bay is also connected with the grandeur construction from the times of the “cold war”. It is the underground plantUkraine. Crimea. Entrance to Balaklava bight for the repair of the submarines on the right side of the bay. The building of the underground complex started in 1957. The main works were performed by the builders of the Moscow underground. The task of this construction was to hide the submarines in case of a nuclear war. There is also the artificial sea channel and the dock. The entrance into the complex is but the place where it is situated is well observed from the Genoese towers. In the place which was secret for a time is going to be a museum. So it is interesting not only in Balaklava but also under it. The numerals which characterize this underground construction impress with its dimensions. The length of the underground channel is 360 m, the depth – 6 m, the width – 12 m, the altitude – 12 m. In the underground secret harbor 7 submarines could hide at one time.


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