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Basaltic columns near the village Basaltove.

The 30-metres basaltic columns near the village Basaltove in district Ukraine. Basalt rocks former voulcanKostopil (Rivne region, Ukraine) look like the fossil waterfall with some cascades. It is situated on the territory of Ivano-Dolynski quarry. There are no alternatives in Europe. This place is situated in 30 minutes drive from the city Rivne.

The columns differ in the altitude – from 3 to 30 m. In the quarry take place the undermining works – the monolithic basalt is undermined and converts to crushed-stone, so before visiting the quarry one should inform the administration. Basalt is a volcanic mineral sort that was formed during the eruption of magma on the surface. It is 620-650 millions years old. Every column in the quarry is the exact polyhedron. The shape was formed naturally. Some are of 4 verges, others – of 6-8 ones. The roadway of basalt from Kostopil forms the squares in Paris, Warsaw, Brussels, Vienna, Berlin, and the Red Square in Moscow.

In the past the village Basaltove was called Yanova Dolyna. According to the tales, the first one who dug out the basaltic columns was the Basalt colomns. Ukraineman from the village Berestovets in 1635. The peasant dug the well and broke the spade of a stone. The settlement Yanova Dolyna is rich in the basalt deposits. The highest level of the development was reached in 20-30th of the 19th century.

The population of the Yanova Dolyna increased with the exploitation of the quarry. It counted 1200 inhabitants in the beginning of the 30th and 3000 – in the end, 97% of the population were Poles. The founder and the director of the quarry up to 1940 was the engineer Leonard Shutkovski. The great part of the mining group was formed by the workers from the near villages: Golovyna, Kurgan, Yankevichi and Zlazne. Yanova Dolyna was modern village in that times, situated on the territory of the beautiful pine forest. It was completely electrified, with water support and sewerage system. Nowadays the residents of the village live far not in the poverty.

Under the cold magma one can still find mineral-semiprecious stones. Rasalt colomns in Rivne regionAgates and the water of the quarry have the curative properties. The local inhabitants bath in it to make their skin healthy. In the middle of the pond lies the Love Island. It is the dozen meters of land covered with trees and bushes. Basaltic columns near the village Basaltove are very unique and can be called the wonder of nature. It is a wonderful place created by nature at Ukrainian territory. But for now it is not well known even among Ukrainian tourists.


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