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Beaches near Kiev

As the temperature in Kiev rises, citizens start thinking about where to lie in the sun and have a swim. So, where can you find the nearest pond and a clean beach? Well, Kiev citizens are lucky: first of all, Kiev is located on the Dnieper river, and second, there are dozens of ponds around the city that are legally allowed for bathing. All these ponds are situated either in satellite towns of Kiev or in 2 to 3 kilometers from them. Most of the ponds are not too well-known, which means they are not yet overcrowded. If you haven’t decided where to go, the following information might help.

Ministerskoe lake

One of the most famous lakes is called Ministerskoe, although a lot of people remember it as Redkino. Its main advantage is that it’s located within the city, and you can get there by route taxi from Minskaya subway station. The lake is up to 14 meters deep and has a sandy, well-equipped beach and small bays overgrown with trees and reed. Near the lake there are a few small shops with ice cream and drinks.

Goraschikha lake stretches in Puscha-Voditsa from the fifth to the eighth line. The earthy and sandy beaches are located in the seventh line. There you can rent boats and catamarans, or have a snack at local cafes. In the first line of Puscha-Voditsa there is another lake, UTOG, which is, in fact, an artificial pond. The beach here is well-equipped and has a pier. On the other side of the lake there is wild beach with almost no sand and a lot of trees.

Goraschikha lake

Between the third and fourth line in Puscha-Voditsa you will find the L-shaped city pond. It is connected to UTOG lake with a stream. There is no beach, but the trees that grow close to the water attract a lot of visitors. In 76 kilometers from Kiev near Velikie Pritski of Kagarlyk district there is a small yet deep and clear lake with an artificial pond that is beloved by children. The beach is not well-equipped, and the banks are covered in soft grass. If you plan to have rest there, make sure you packed enough food and drinks, because the nearest shop is quite far from the spot.

An organized sandy beach with small bays is located in the outskirts of Zazimye village (20 kilometers from Kiev). At Khoma lake you can rent a boat or a catamaran. In 1 kilometer from Khoma there is another lake – Grazhdanskaya Kazarka. It has no organized beach, but thanks to the gently sloped sandy bank you can still have a nice rest there.

Glubokoe lake

After traveling 6 kilometers from Troeschina residential area you will end up in Pogreby with its two beautiful lakes, Kodak and Glubokoe. Local beaches are made of sand and earth and are not too overcrowded, which means you’ll always be able to pick a nice spot.

Goluboe lake is considered to be one of the most beautiful areas in the region. You will find it in Podgortsy, Obukhov village. The lake is so natural that it doesn’t even need an artificial beach – the banks here are sandy, wide and gentle enough for you to enjoy your rest.

Also you can travel to Volchye Boloto lake in Paryshkov village to see the local marvelous landscape and stay on a small sandy beach. This place is especially popular among fishermen.

Goluboe lake

In Gorenka village of Kiev-Svyatoshin district there is also a recreational area on the bank of a former quarry that was turned into a lake. There are both free and paid beaches. The water in the lake is rather clear, and you can grab a bit in the neighboring cafes. However, be ready for sharing the area with dozens of tourists – weekends and holidays make the place a bit overcrowded.

If you travel from Alma-Atinskaya street in Kiev for 10 to 15 minutes, you’ll reach Lesnoye lake. The lake is surrounded with a forest, and you can also rent boats and catamarans.

Further from Kiev, in 10 kilometers, there is Kruglyk lake surrounded by a forest. There you can choose from earth and sand beaches, and rent a boat, a catamaran, or go horseback riding.

Khalepye lake, which is located near the village of the same name, is not really suitable for bathing because of the muddy water. But if you’re intending to just have a picnic, then you will enjoy your rest for sure.

Catamarans for rent near Kiev

If you turn near Mriya village on the way to Zhitomir, you will see two big, beautiful lakes that are known as Krasny Khutor. There are two wide, sandy beaches that are rather well-equipped. Not far from there you will find a country sector where you can easily rent a house.

Some of the beaches around Kiev can become dangerous for visitors, and in most cases they are the ones to blame: as soon as a person hits the beach, all troubles and concerns of everyday life fade away, and that can lead to some reckless behavior. But you as a tourist should be aware of the possible threats, so follow some basic rules to stay safe. First, you should always keep your belongings in sight. Don’t take too valuable things or too much money to the beach, and remember that whenever you leave your stuff unattended virtually for 1 second, you risk never getting them back. Also remember to not pay the full sum of money at once when you rent a boat, a catamaran, an umbrella or a sun bed. Another risky thing to do is buying food off the beach vendors: surely, a hot pie looks delicious, but you can never be certain about the way it was prepared. How clean was the cooking spot? How fresh was the frying oil? Considering this, better pack some long-term storage food from home. We also don’t advise you to use the massage service on the beach: a massage given by an unskilled con artist can actually damage your health.

And finally, a few words about alcohol. A person in a drunken state can not only get sunburns, but also lose control of the situation. That means, if you had a drink, don’t go and play any beach games to save yourself and people you’re having rest with from any possible injuries. And let’s not even mention swimming in the water while being drunk!

The choice is up to you. Have a great vacation!

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