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Bernardine Church and Monastery in Lviv

Bernardine ChurchBernardine Church and Monastery is one of the historical and architectural monuments in Lviv, located on Cathedral Square, 1-3. Currently, only the building of the church belongs to the Greek Catholic Church, as the building of the monastery was given under the Lviv State Historical Archive.

The main building of the monastery is located on the triangular shape. After the construction the monastery was the self-reinforcement, which was surrounded with ditch and billow, connected with the city through walls. In the XV century the wooden structures of Bernardine Church and Monastery burned a few times and then restored, and in XVII-XVIII centuries, they were completely replaced with the stone constructions.

In 1600-1630 there was built the Church of St. Andrew, near which the cells are built. To the walls and loopholes of the monastery there are attached a variety of outbuildings, including smithy, stable, bell tower and others.Bernardine Church and Monastery

On the square in front of the church there is a decorative column, to the south of it - the rotunda. The monument was restored several times and is rightly called one of the finest ensembles in Lviv, built in XVII-XVIII centuries.

The building of Bernardine Church began in 1600 and ended in 1620, but the final date of construction is considered the year 1630, because the finishing works inside the church continued until that time. The initiator of the erection of the cathedral was a monk B. Avelid, builders were P. Roman and A. Gracious, and the latest works on the construction of the church were led by A. Behmer. He built a tower on the northeast corner of the church and completed the facades.

The building of the church is of hewn stone and imprecise form. The interior is decorated with murals of B. Mazurkiewicz and his assistants, in 1738-1740, exact copies of carved pews made by the cutter Paul in 1640-1641.

Bernardine Church and Monastery in LvivThe building of the monastic cells was built parallel to the church and adjacent to its northern wall. It is of brick, stucco, three-and four storeys, with a patio in the form of the square; it has a complex shape and internal layout in the corridor with arched cross-shaped beams.

In the 1733-1734 years to the old southern defensive wall of Bernardine Church there was attached the bell tower.


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