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Besarabsky market in Kiev

Besarabsky market, which is not just a major shopping location, but also an outstanding architectural site in the style of late modern, has been standing in the center of Kiev for more than a century. This covered market in Bessarabian square also belongs to the groundbreaking achievements of Ukrainian engineering.

Besarabsky market

The building of Besarabsky market survived a lot of dramatic events, but managed to preserve its initial look almost completely. The market underwent slight reconstruction in the 1960s.

Some of the modern architects make persistent attempts to demolish the Besarabsky market and turn it into a parking lot. Fortunately, until people voice their opinions on the matter, the reconstruction will not happen.

The entrance to the market

The construction of Besarabsky market was administered by a Warsaw architect G. Gay. He was the one who designed the covered building that was meant to become the architectural center of the neighboring streets. Gradually Kruglouniversitetskaya and Basseynaya streets, as well as parts of Krasnoarmeiskaya, Rustaveli, Khreschatyk streets and Shevchenko boulevard started to be viewed by Kiev citizens as the one belonging to the market. Historical events led to Besarabsky market being linked to the Jews: famous philanthropist and sugar mill entrepreneur Lazarus Brodsky was the main financial provider for the construction. For this reason 10% of the income of Besarabsky market used to be donated to the funds of Kiev Jewish community.

Inside of the market

Walls of the covered market are built from bricks, and the glass roof rests on a vaulted metal frame. On the façade of the market you can see sculptures of Milkmaid, Peasant and the Oxen, heads of bulls and fish, fishnets, and geese. The interior of Besarabsky market is based on European trends, which value functionality and efficiency over decoration.

Nowadays besides the trade rows, you can visit a restaurant, a bar, several pizzerias, a café, and several banks inside Besarabsky market.

Address of Besarabsky market: Kiev, Bessarabian square, 2.


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