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Boldiyn hills in Chernigov

The ancient history of Chernigov region is deeply entrenched in pagan antiquity. Boldin hills are connected with many ancient legends. One legend says that around the city there were dark dense forests, and the city, which was located on the banks of the Desna river, was under the rule of the duke Chernyi (Dark). It was in those days that on the territory of Chernigov appeared the Boldin hills.

Boldina Hill

According to confirmed historical sources Boldin hills got their name from the word "Bold" – which in Old Slavonic meant oak. The ancient Slavs were pagans and had their own gods until the baptism of Kievan Russ by Prince Volodymyr.

According to the conclusions of historians on the Boldin hills there were heathen temples and a sacred oak grove. The oak was the sacred tree of the Slavs.

Boldin hills are now of varying heights (some with a height of up to 35 meters), located on the bank of the Desna river, near the Chernigov Detinets rampart.

If you visit Boldin hills, you will feel how ancient and magnificent the city of Chernigov is. It is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. Few people know that for some time in history Chernigov was even the capital of Kievan Russ (XI century).

View from main boldina hill

At various times, the city was claimed by the various rulers of Kievan Russ, the Tatar-Mongolians, Poles, Lithuanians and the rulers of the Russian Empire.

On the Boldin hills located the largest system of burial mounds of the 9th century, which includes more than 200 kurgans (burial mounds). In one of them, archaeologists discovered the remains of cremated human, a sword of huge size (that weighs 10 kg and is 1.5 m long), and harnesses of enormous size. Basing on this find some historians says that this is where the tomb of the Russian legendary hero Ilya Muromets.


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