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City Botanical Garden in Zaporozhye

Botanical Garden in ZaporozhyeCity Botanical Garden in Zaporozhye is located on the site of the former dump. In pre-revolutionary period there was the farm for deaf children on this place, and during the Second World War the soldiers hid their tanks there. After the victory over Nazi Germany, there was a huge dump on the current location of the City Botanic Garden. It was cleared and ordered just during 7 years.

City Botanic Garden has been operating for more than 50 years. It was created in 1958 by the Zaporozhye City Council. The garden was created for practical training of students and teachers of biology, so it is called Children Botanical Garden. The first director of the garden, which is still the only one of such a type in Ukraine, was V.A. Balyuta. City Botanical Garden in Zaporozhye

Initially, all the work in the garden was carried out by young naturalists. For example, since 1964, they have represented the results of their research work and experiments not only at local, but also at national exhibitions, often taking the first place. The number of experiments carried out for the year reached 100.

Since 1963 the work of young naturalists has been guided not only by specialists of Zaporozhye botanical garden, but also by scientists from other scientific-research institutes and organizations in Ukraine. By 1968 there were 600 boys and girls involved in the 40 circles of the organization; by 1976 the number of children increased up to 690 young naturalists, and the number of circles - up to 47.
Zaporozhye Botanical Garden
Under the leadership of V.A. Balyuta there were built five greenhouses in the Children Botanical Garden, and in 1984 there was an opening ceremony of the greenhouse “Winter Garden”.
In 1992 Zaporozhye Botanical Garden has become the member of Ukrainian Association of Botanic Gardens


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