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Bulgakov House in Kiev

The house of the great writer Mikhail Bulgakov was built in 1888 - 1889's by the architect Hordenine for the wife of a merchant Litoshenko. Then the building was taken over by the merchant Mirovich. Bulgakov rented the apartment from him. The house number 13 at the Andrew's descent in Kiev changed not only owners and tenants but also internal arrangement of the house where changed.

Bulgakov house in Kiev

Time has not spared many things of the Bulgakov family. In 1989 it was decided to create a house museum of Mikhail Bulgakov. The house was restored to the original plan, the façade was renovated. Close relatives of the writer provided his real personal things, books, photographs that belonged to Bulgakov, his sisters and brothers. Today, the Museum holds about 3 thousand items, 500 of which belonged to the family of Bulgakov.

The exhibition in the museum is as the mysterious and dual, as was Bulgakov himself and his novel "The White Guard". Crossing the threshold of the house-museum, you find yourself in a fantasy world, a world where both lived two families - real and literary. The Turbine family in Bulgakov's novel "The White Guard" lived at Alexis descent, 13.

Inside Bulgakov House

To help visitors to finally avoid confusion, the creators of the museum painted things mentioned in Bulgakov's novel, in white. You can inspect all seven rooms which were occupied by the Bulgakovs and Turbines - living room, dining room, medical room, reading room, and room of family members. But the museum is not limited by the second floor. Today for exhibitions is used the entire house. On the first floor there is a Literary lounge, two exhibition halls. For the exhibition of literary festivals, meetings, performances upper and lower patios are used. Walking on the squeaky floor boards to the rooms, you can examine the furniture, pictures, books, high-school textbooks. This creates such a feeling that now a door will open and Mikhail Bulgakov himself will enter the room.


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