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The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is a large building in Kiev, which has been built in 1938 and has the total square of 235,000 square meters.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

According to the Constitution of Ukraine the leading executive part of the state is the Cabinet of Ministers. It is a centre for organization of all executive and administrative activities of any kind of power. The Cabinet of Ministers is presided by the Prime-Minister that is appointed by the Verkhovna Rada; therefore the Cabinet of Ministers is under direct supervision by both Verkhovna Rada and the President of Ukraine. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine consists of ministers, Deputy Prime Minister, First Deputy Prime Minister and the Prime Minister.

The front of the building

The members of the Cabinet of Ministers have no right to have any other commitments other than scientific and teaching in the time they’re not occupied with government activities. Cabinet of Ministers also carries out the function of national defense and security of Ukraine, of fighting the crime; also it deals with the customs. The Cabinet of Ministers is obliged to issue orders and regulations. Paper and acts issued by the Cabinet of Ministers are signed by the Prime Minister. They are also developing the State budget of Ukraine, as well as provide a variety of reports on implementation of the State budget to Parliament.

The building in the evening

If the Prime Minister resigns, the entire structure of the Cabinet of Ministers should also resign.

Overall, the Cabinet of Ministers carries out some very important functions in Ukraine. Unfortunately, any excursions in the building of the Cabinet of Ministers are prohibited.


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