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Caisson of Stalin’s underground in Kiev

In the centre of Natalka park, which is situated in Obolon avenue, you can see a giant reinforced concrete construction that is known as the Concrete Ship. This is not surprising, as the construction resembles a submarine with a deckhouse in its shape. In fact, the object is called Title #12 and is part of the Construction #1 complex. In early classified documents the object is described as an underground transportation system that goes along with the bridges in Kiev district over Dnieper river.

Caisson of Stalin’s underground in Kiev

Nowadays this object is often referred to as Stalin’s underground. A couple of railway tunnels to the north and to the south from Kiev were meant to quickly and safely transport cargo and army troops between the banks of Dnieper. Nowadays these areas became part of Kiev. The construction of the South tunnel near Zhukov island began in 1939 acoording to a project that was designed in 1936. The Northern tunnel was constructed later. At the bank of the river stood a tunnel caisson section that was planned to be put into the ground to create a working underground area for tunnelers who had to work in water-saturated ground.

Caisson of Stalin’s underground in Kiev

Due to the secrecy surrounding the Construction #1 project, the purpose and history of creating of the Concrete Ship became an urban legend. City officials are yet to decide what to do with the object next. Currently the Northern caisson is not closed, and climbers are using it as a climbing wall.

Address of the caisson of Stalin’s underground: Kiev, Obolon quay, Natalka park.


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