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Castle of Richard the Lionheart in Kiev

Castle of Richard the Lionheart KievThe house № 15, called Castle of Richard the Lionheart, is situated between the Andrew's Descent (Andreevsky Spusk), the old Kiev street, and the Vozdyhalnitsa Hill, the historical area, mentioned in Old Russian annals. It’s widely thought that the famous English King has stayed in this house, but it doesn’t correspond to the facts. In reality the house was called in such a way by Victor Nekrasov in honour of Sir Aivengo, the hero of the Walter Scott’s novel.

The Castle of Richard the Lionheart, erected in the Gothic style, is an architectural monument of the 19th century, whose building sides are decorated with spires and towers. Earlier the building rooms were used as dwelling apartments, rented for a high pay. Some famous Ukrainian painters had lived there: G.P. Dyadchenko, F. Balavensky, F. Krasitsky, I. Makushenko.

There is one of the most favourite legends among the Kievers, connected with the house № 15. After the apartments in the house started being rented, the rumours were spread immediately all over the city that some deviltry put up here: people heard an incomprehensible howling in the chimneys.

The citizens, frightened out of their wits, promised to take the building to pieces to expel the deviltry in such a way. However, historian Stepan Castle of Richard the LionheartTimofeyevich Golubev, one of the dwellers in the sinister house, came home, got tired after a working-day, and during the next howling he dived his hand to the chimney and obtained from there an eggshell; there were small holes in the eggshell, which served as a resonator in case of a strong wind, while the air was penetrating through the holes.  
At present the Castle of Richard the Lionheart is reconstructed and repaired to build the hotel here.


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