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The Holy Spirit Cathedral in Chernovtsy

Chernovtsy Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, otherwise known as Svyatoduhovsky Cathedral, is a cathedral that belongs to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. It is located on the corner of Glavnaya and Kobylanskaya streets. The construction of the cathedral began in the summer of 1844 under the supervision of the local engineer A. Marin and the architect from Vienna A. Rolle. A decade later the façade of the cathedral was rebuilt according the project by Joseph Glavka.

The cathedral after the renovation

The cathedral was consecrated 20 more years later in the summer of 1864 by the Bishop Eugene Gakman, even though the inner decoration was still unfinished. From 1892 to 1896 a group of artists from Vienna were decorating the walls of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit Cathedral in Chernovtsy

The majestic beauty of the cathedral can be seen from afar. The building was constructed according to the style of Italian Renaissance. The prject was also largely based on the one of the cathedrals of St. Petersburg – the St. Isaac's Cathedral, which was given to Eugene Gakman as a gift after he completed his pilgrimage to the Trinity Sergius Lavra. The architecture composition is dominated by a monumental forty-six-meter dome. Besides this element, the cathedral is crowned by two domes and two bell towers at the sides of the top of the facade. Above the main entrance there is a crown; a metropolitan stick and a cross are crossed above it.

The domes of the cathedral

The interior of the cathedral has not been fully preserved due to the years of Soviet regime that turned the cathedral into a warehouse. Later this place was used for the exhibition hall of the art department of Chernovtsy regional museum. There you can see the frescoes completed by the artist from Vienna called Carl Jobst. The frescoes were painted in academic spirit with oil on wet plaster.

In 1989 the Orthodox community of Chernovtsy got the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit back in their possession; after that the cathedral was completely renovated.

In the spring of 2006 a monument to Eugene Gakman, the first metropolitan of the orthodox metropolis in Chernovtsy was placed outside of the cathedral. The bishop is buried inside the cathedral. Nowadays the Svyatoduhovsky Cathedral is still conducting services.


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