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The caves of Kamennaya Moghila – The heritage of the ancient civilizations on the Ukrainian land

Ukraine. Stone grave. The heritage of ancient civilizationsKamennaya Moghila (Stone Grave) is a great heritage of the ancient civilizations on the Ukrainian land. It is located near Melitopol (Zaporozhye region) represents not only the hill of the stone plates but is the real tomb of dozens of peoples. The finds, disclosed here, are linked with Bible directly. Your eyes have the opportunity to see the saint history, from the flood to apostolic times.

Kamennaya Moghila is a natural formation. The way of formation is approximately the next: the monolithic sandy shallow of Sarmat sea descent in the hollow and split into a number of boulders. It is the only formation of such type in the world.

Later when the Pont Sea was formed there appeared limestone sediments inside of which the tooth of a whale was found. The long-standing researches brought to the discovering of more than 60 caves and grottoes on the ceilings of which were disclosed thousands of rare cave pictures.

These pictures on the walls of Kamennaya Moghila (Stone Grave) Near the Stone Grave. Ukraineintroduce the life and history of the primitive people of Priazov (the region in the western Ukraine). These caves were the place where the primitive people came to perform rites to worship their gods.The cave pictures in grottoes and caves are referred to Paleolithic age. Thus the chronology of cave pictures involves the great period since the 16-13th centuries BC to the 10-12th centuries AD.

In the caves of Kamennaya Moghila one has an opportunity to visit Wizard cave with pictures of the people and the mammoth, Goat cave with the images of elk, ducks and the block-plate with the image of hunter. In the centre of the plate there is the goat, behind it there is the hunter with bow and in front of it there is a pen with the goat inside. This testifies about the beater hunting and taming of the wild animals.
Some pictures of Kamennaya Moghila are similar to the cave pictures in Sweden and Karelia. But the major part of them are unique one. Very attractive is “Dragon’s grotto” where in 1985 was found the stone sculpture of the snake with a footprint on the head.Ukraine near the stone grave

The masters of Kamennaya Moghila were Siffs, Cimmerians, Goths and Huns, Khazars and Polovtsi (ancient tribes that populated Ukrainian terretory). The cave is also associated with the history of Amazons. During the archeological expedition in the 50th there were discovered 42 Sarmat tombs among which a number belonged to the horsewomen…


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