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Chatsky’s head in Zhitomir

Chatsky’s head is a 120-meter wide rock formation from grey granite that rises to 30 meters above Teterev river. The shape of the head was given to a rock by a ice shield that covered Ukraine during Ice Age. Gradually moving forward, the exceptionally heavy shield turned the rock into a natural wonder that has been also influenced by water and wind.

Chatsky’s head

Among the numerous legends surrounding the mysterious shape of the rock, the most famous tells about a courageous warrior named Chatsky who fought alone with numerous attackers and pulled them deep into Teterev river. The hero lured the enemy to the rock top, where the stamping of horses' hoofs broke huge logs that buried the enemies along with the warrior. After the breakage the rock stayed there as a monument to the heroic event.

Teterev river

Another legend also tells a tragic story. It features a poor man named Chatsky who had a beautiful daughter. As it often happens in tales, an old but influential nobleman wanted to make the girl his. After several attempts to win the girl over the nobleman got in a fight with the father trying to take the lady with him. Chatsky was far from being a coward. He threw the disgraced nobleman out of the house. The nobleman decided to avenge himself by ordering his servants to throw Chatsky down the river from a rick. Servants executed to order the same night, and the body of Chatsky was never found. However, the nobleman was terrified to see a giant stone face of the poor man looking at him in contempt from the rock the next morning. A lot more legends are linked to this unique natural wonder, and these two are just the most famous ones.

Chatsky’s head in Zhitomir

Nowadays Chatsky’s head is a rightful attraction of Zhitomir and is one of its main symbols. It can be clearly seen from the observation deck at the dam of Teterev reservoir, as well as from the hill top not far from the Glory Monument. If you happen to visit Zhitomir, pay a visit to this wonderful natural monument.

Address of Chatsky’s head: Zhitomir, 2nd Kirovsky lane.


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