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Cheap Hotels in Kiev

If you are going to visit Kiev on business or as a tourist, you will surely face the problem of finding housing. People coming to Kiev on a business trip prefer economy class hotels. Their choice is quite reasonable: the prices of expensive luxury rooms are fairly high, and their needs require only place where they could relax after the hard day's work. That is what Kiev cheap hotels offer.

1. Hotel “HostelCityCenter”. It’s the hostel in the very heart of Kiev, on the Independence Square. There is a wonderful view form the windows of the hostel. It consists of 6 rooms with the total capacity of 25 places: three balconies, two showers and two WC. You can have tea or coffee free, watch TV and use the computer for guests. In the hostel there are new beds and beddings, new mattresses.
Prices from 140 UAH (17,5 USD)Hostel City Center Kiev

2. Hotel “Hostel Really Central” is the most convenient hostel in Kiev. There is the room with TV and sofa. Hostel is the youth dormitory, where you can stay and have a pleasure on conversation with other clients. Hostel is situated 2 minutes from Khreshchatyk and 3 minutes from Opera Theater.
Prices from 140 UAH (17,5 USD)Hostel Really Central Kiev

3. Hotel “Ekos”. It’s one of the cheapest hotels in Kiev. The hotel offers apartments of block type.
Prices from 156 UAH (19,5 USD)
Ekos Hotel in Kiev
4. Hotel “Ekotel Nyvky”. It is the nearest hotel from the exhibition complex “KievExpoPlaza”. Ekotel Nyvky was opened on January 2010. It has 24 rooms that offer 48 places and have the best ratio of price and quality.
Prices from 175 UAH (22 USD)Hotel Ekotel Nyvky Kiev

5. Hotel “7 Days” is located on the 5th floor of Business Center “Forum Satellite”, which is 10 minutes from the metro stations “Svyatoshino”, “Nyvky”, exhibition center “KievExpoPlaza”, near the airport “Zhuliany”, railway station. “7 days” is a small cheap hotel Kiev with comfortable rooms, stylish and comfortable furniture that creates the atmosphere of home. Each room has air conditioning, satellite TV, refrigerator, mini bar, telephone with Internet access, bathroom.
Prices from 199 UAH (25 USD)Hotel 7 Days Kiev

6. Hotel “Oberig”
is located near the Sevastopol Square, close to the airport “Kiev”, the railway and bus stations. The successful transport interchange let you get in any district of Kiev fast. Each room has cable TV, fridge, telephone, bathroom (at the request of customers there is to choose a room with bath or shower).
Prices from 245 UAH (30,5 USD)Hotel Oberig Kiev

7. Hotel “Goloseevskiy”
. This is a cosy hotel in the green area of Kiev. Nearby there is a landscape park “Goloseevskiy”.
Prices from 250 UAH (31 USD)Hotel Goloseevskiy Kiev

8. Hotel “Alenka”. The hotel is located close to the subway station “Beresteiska”. This is a small private hotel with several rooms. The price includes breakfast. All rooms have a telephone.
Prices from 275 UAH (35 USD)Hotel Alenka Kiev

9. Hotel “Kooperator”
. The hotel is located in the city center, not far from the railway station and central bus station. The hotel has a cafe-bar, sauna, swimming pool. The hotel has 95 rooms for 178 people. There is a tour desk at the hotel, where you can book a tour throughout the city.
Prices from 275 UAH (35 USD)Hotel Kooperator Kiev

10. Hotel “Druzhba”. In the picturesque corner of Kiev, near the river Lybid there is a cozy, comfortable hotel “Druzhba”. The hotel has a convenient location in the business, shopping and cultural center of Kiev - Pechersk District. There are the modern suites, home-comfortable single, double rooms with all amenities.
Prices from 390 UAH (49 USD)Hotel Druzhba Kiev

Prices in the early February 2011

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