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Chekhov Museum in Sumy

Sumy is located on the river Psel in northern Ukraine. Anton Chekhov house-museum takes a special place among the various cultural sites of the city.

Landowners Lintvarev’s Estate was located in Luka outskirts of town in suburb. In 1888 - 1889’s Anton Chekhov with his mother and sister rented their outhouse. Here he came in contact with local colleagues. Anton Chekhov house-museum was opened in the centenary of writer’s death (January 29, 1960). The exhibits for the museum were collected by Chekhov’s and Lintvarev’s family and, of course, by writer's sister Maria Pavlovna Chekhova.

Sumy Chehov museum

To get to the Museum, you must go up the wooden porch stairs. Through the entrance-room we get into the rest of the house, consisting of five rooms. One of them was Chekhov’s living and dining room. Representatives of various spheres of culture visited it. Often interlocutors passed from the dining room through a narrow door to the veranda. In hot summer evenings it was more enjoyable to drink tea and conduct hot debates on various topics.

To the left of the entrance there was a room in which took seats not only guests, but Anton’s Chekhov brothers. In 1889 in the same room, died the writer Nikolai Chekhov. Near the living room there was Antosha’s (as he was called in his family) room.

Here in Sumy, was finished the story "The Worldly detail", which became known as "Trouble", composed the vaudeville "The willy-nilly tragedian." Memories of staying in the village Luka reflected in the works "Name day" and "The Beauties." In the summer 1889 Chekhov’s play "Wood-goblin" was written. And he had also finished his work over, "An Anonymous Story," and made an outline for the story "The Teacher of Literature."
Living in Sumy, Chekhov engaged not only in literary pursuits. In the settlement Luka Chekhov rendered medical assistance.

Summer residence in Sumy was an inspiration not only for the writer but also for his sister, Maria Pavlovna. Talented artist has created a lot of sketches and paintings here.

Chekhov House-Museum in Sumy is one of the places that can help you better understand the writer, his work. And the fact that many works were created here in Sumy, give grounds for pride of the city and country.


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