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Chernigov rampart. Dytynets’

Chernigov rampart was created in times of Kievan Rus and here was located Dytynets’ (Russian transliteration Detinets). Dytynets’ is an inner walled city of Old Russia, with a prince's court, a military retinue, rooms for the warriors of prince and for the church authorities. Dytynets’ had separate fortifications and was surrounded with en earthen banking and a moat.

Reconstruction of Chernigov Dytynets'

Chernigov Dytynets’ is located near the confluence of the Desna and Strizhen rivers. On the territory of Dytynets’ during excavation were found 4 churches, towers, residential, industrial and farm buildings as well as fortifications of the time of Kievan Rus.

In the early 11th century at the part of on Dytynets’ territory were founded two churches: St. Michaels Church and the Annunciation Church.

Greater part of buildings at Chernigov rampart had been destroyed in the 12th century, during the Mongol invasion. At different times Chernigov lands were in possession of Lithuania, Poland and the Russian Empire.

In the mid-18th-century next to the St. Boris and Gleb Cathedral was built a stone monastery refectory, then a bell tower and the Church of St. John the Theologian. Thus was founded the Chernigov Collegium.

Chernigov rampart

In the late 17th century, when the need for the maintenance of the fortress was gone, the fortifications were destroyed and the weaponry was moved out. Only the guns were located adorn the citadel area as a symbol of the heroic past of the city. Citizens of Chernigov joke that if you do not want to meet someone, appoint him a meeting near the 13th gun. The total number of guns on the rampart is twelve.


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