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Children’s railway in Kiev

The children’s railway in Kiev has been working for half a century. It was built in 1953 in a wasteland, that has later turned into a gorgeous Syretsky park due to the work of volunteers: Komsomol members and railway workers.

Children’s railway in Kiev

And when the first train was ready, it went travelling, while being operated by the head of the South-Western railway. This is how this railway started. At first there were only three stations on the route: the deadlock "Komsomolskaya", the ring "Pionerskaya" and the "Technical", which was meant as a stop for the carriages. This railway even has its own viaduct, or a bridge over the ravine, which is almost 20 meters tall and 100 meters long. It has been functioning for decades with a train that came from Germany, a few wooden carriages and two locomotives. Here young train drives got their first bits of driving lessons. The children’s railway took anybody for a ride.

During the last years the railway underwent some changes. It was looped; the “Komsomolskaya” station disappeared, and a new one, “Apple tree”, was added farther to the north. The trains and locomotives changed. In the late XX century the “Pionerskaya” station burned down, and a children’s café was built there instead. Clearly, the 1990s were not an easy period in history. Only due to the work of the head of railway and its instructors the children’s railway survived. Since 2001 the railway is being reconstructed and updated. The “Technical” station was rebuilt and made the main station. A school building was added, and the station was given a new name: “Cherry”. The locomotives were completely restored, and the original train, the one from Germany, now works only on weekends and holidays.

A bridge over the ravine

The reconstruction finished in 2005. Nowadays 500 children can attend the sections of “Young railway worker” at once, and from May to September you can ride the railway for a small fee.

Children’s railway in Kiev

Address of the children’s railway in Kiev: Timofey Shamrylo street, 4.


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