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Children's railway in Zaporozhye

Childrens railway in ZaporozhyeChildren's railway in Zaporozhye - non-formal educational institution, acquainting children with the railway professions. Railway in Zaporozhye - one of the youngest in the Ukraine and the second-longest among the former Soviet Union.

The construction of the children's railway was conducted in 1971-1972. The initiators builders were members of Komsomol of Zaporozhye electric locomotive factory and Zaporozhye Automobile Plant, and construction itself was done by the youth of the city and the Komsomol during Subbotniks. Fundraising for the railroad was performed by schoolchildren, pioneers who collected scrap metal.

Grand opening of the railroad occurred in 1972. At the time of construction of its length is 3.5 kilometers, there were built three stations: Zhovtneva, Sport and Young Chapayev, at first, the main one, was built railway station and locomotive depot.

Children's Railway is located near the recreation area, near the Dnieper River and Rowing channel. Thanks to this fortunate location of the main station, the road quickly gained popularity among residents and visitors alike.

In 1973, the railroad increased to 9.4 km: thanks to the construction of the second line of the road locked in a loop, and the station Zhovtneva became Zaporozhye children's railwaydeadlocked. In 1975, the road opens sports section, music studio and a few after-school activity centres of railway modeling. A year later, in 1976, on a dead-end station Zhovtneva opened a small zoo corner, which since has become a zoo.

In 2002, undertook a complete reconstruction of the railway, and in 2006 there was an exchange of experiences between young railway in Berlin.


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