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The Church of Nikolay Dobry in Kiev

Kiev, as an ancient city, has a lot of sacred sites. It has been always called “Mother of Russian cities”. The city is filled with Holy spirit: everywhere you go, there’s another story or legend. For example, wandering the streets of Kiev and having turned to Pokorvskaya street in Podol, you can easily come across the Church of Nikolay Dobry in Kiev, whose history dates back to the XI century.

The Church of Nikolay Dobry in Kiev

There is no historical evidence about the circumstances of its creation, but it is believed that it was founded by a Polovets who was kept slave by a Kiev citizen Dobrik. The Polovets promised Dobrik a herd of horses for freedom, but once Dobrik released him, the Polovets forgot about the promise he gave. Only after he saw St. Nicholas in his dream, he fulfilled the promise. He was so impressed by the dream that he brought not one, but two herds of horses, so that money earned after the sale of the second herd could be spent on building a church.

An old image of the church

During the history of Kiev it was always a desired target for conquerors, that is why it has always had to protect itself from the attackers: Polovtsy, Crimean Tatars and others. For this reason the church, that was made of solid wood, was burned down, and it is not clear whether the present location is exactly where the church used to stand.

Another view on the church

Finally, at the end of the XVI century, the warriors led by hetman S. Koshka, constructed a new church that was given the old name. During the centuries of its existence, the church was repeatedly damaged by fire, and every time the parish collected money and reconstructed it from scratch, until in the beginning of the XIX century it wasn’t rebuilt with stone. The construction went on for almost 10 years. Architects, builders and painters put their souls in the construction, but we can find out what it used to look like only from old images, and not the present look, as in 1935 the church of Nikolay Dobry was once again ruined by Bolsheviks, who left a bell tower and built a new house that was turned into a school. This building survived until nowadays; it became the Ukrainian Greek Catholic church of Nikolay Dobry.

Address of Greek Catholic church of Nikolay Dobry: Pokrovskaya street, 6.


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