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Church of Theodosius of the Caves in Kiev

Nearby an orthodox sacred place, the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, there is another church that is closely connected with one of the founders of Lavra. This is the church of Theodosius of the Caves in Kiev, which is decorated in the traditional colors of Ukrainian baroque. However, the church hasn’t always looked like that. The church was constructed in the XI century, and the spot for the construction was not chosen randomly. According to an old legend, Theodosius of the Caves selected the spot from beyond the grave. During transferring his relics the monks have stopped for a rest and rested the reliquary on a stump. This is where amazing things started to happen. The legend also confirms that during the reconstruction builders found an old stump under the church altar.

Church of Theodosius of the Caves in Kiev

The church was wooden until the XVI century. There was a burial ground under the church, and later some old printed books from the XVI century were found in the vestry. Later the church was given to archers, and they transferred the church to the Upper city, having only left the foundation. The new church was named Pokrovskaya. The old foundation was used in 1698-1700 for construction of the new church made of stone. The construction was sponsored by Colonel Konstantin Mokievsky. It was a three-part church with three towers, and the facades were decorated in the style of baroque. The peculiar feature of the church is wide narthex with a gallery on the second floor. Due to the remaining foundation builders managed to recreate the original planning of the church. In the XVII metropolis Petro Mohyla founded a hospital in the church. In 1805-1813 a bell tower in the Empire style and the altar of St. John the Warrior were added to the west façade of the church of Theodosius of the Caves. The church was surrounded with a fence made of stone, and a few service and clergy of a parish houses were added in the yard.

The view on the church from above

During the Revolution the church was partially destroyed. Service was prohibited, and an archive was placed instead. During the World War II the church suffered from a large fire. In 1950 the church of Theodosius of the Caves was reconstructed according to the project designed by Valentin Korneyev. The bell tower and more recent building were disassembled.

The road to the church

Nowadays the church of Theodosius of the Caves is administered by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. In 1992 a monastery was founded there.

Address of the church of Theodosius of the Caves: Kiev, Mazepy street, 32/1.


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