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Church on the water in Kiev

After the years of communist regime, when any sign of faith was prosecuted and destroyed, when even the most historically significant buildings were demolished, when there was nothing but aiming for the bright future of communists, the spirit of people started finally reviving. The authorities started cooperating with clergy and united their forces in renovating the destroyed churches, which not only improved the state of religion in the society, but also gave the historical buildings a second life.

Church on the water in Kiev

A lot of sponsors have assisted in reconstruction of old churches and construction of the new ones. This is how the founders of the “Ukrainian river fleet” company got the idea of building a church on the water, not far from pier, so that sailors who are embarking on a journey could say their prayers and ask God for an easy travel and a decent return.

For these reasons the creative duo of architects Y. Lositsky and E. Miroshnichenko in 2004 created a small church that is 23 meters tall near the bank of the Dnieper river. This church resembles a blooming chestnut, which is a symbol of Ukrainian capital. Later the church became an architectural wonder of Kiev one of its leading attractions itself.

The church at night

The church was given the name of Saint Nicholas to honor an icon with the image of the Saint that was given to the church as a gift. This church is also known as the church of Nicholas the Miracle Worker. It was consecrated by the Metropolitan of Kiev and All Russia and has instantly become a favorite place wedding photo shoots for its romantic image that can be seen from a 15-meter bridge that leads to it. It is located in the historical centre of Kiev near the Poshtova square, the oldest square in Kiev. Besides the romantic landscape and incredible architecture, the St. Nicholas church is also one of a kind church, because there are no other buildings on the water like this one. The church is even more attractive due to the fact that, according to historical sources, it was built on the exact same place where in 988 Kiev citizens were baptized and the name of Kievan Rus appeared.

The view on the church

Address of the St. Nicholas church on the water: Naberezhno-Kreschyatitskaya street, 8a.


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