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City Garden in Odessa

City Garden. OdessaCity Garden in Odessa is located in the heart of the city, on the Deribasovskaya Street. It was founded by the brothers de Ribas in 1803 and completely gratuitously presented to the city.

From 2006 to 2007, the City Garden was under restoration. The opening ceremony was held on the Victory Day, May 9. The residents and visitors of Odessa enjoyed fully renovated facades, a new musical fountain and rotunda. Among other innovations there could be mentioned a new substation, equipment for automatic watering and replacement of all communications.

The most complex works to rehabilitate and upgrade the fountain were led by the company “Hydromontazh”. Now there is installed a computerized irrigation system in the City Garden: exactly at 2 am from the land appears water dispensers and they water flowerbeds on a particular scheme for several hours. But the main Monument to L. Utyosovachievement of "Hydromontazh" is the restoration and reconstruction of the central fountain bowl: now it looks exactly the same as more than 200 years ago, when the garden was presented to the city by de Ribas - original marble of the bowl was managed to preserve and skillfully restored. Also, the external bowl of shell rock was replaced with a new one, reinforced concrete, marble.

The restored fountain now consists of two different fountains: one works daytime, the second - from 21.00 to 23.30. Every minute fountain throws over 2.5 tons of water, and the installed complex filtering system maintains water clarity.

In the dusk the fountain jets are painted in 5 different colors and the music begins to sound; besides the musical arrangement can be changed. Around fountain there gather Odessa residents and guests in the daily opening hours from 21.00 to 23.30.

In addition to the restoration of the fountain in the city park there was City Garden in Odessaalso the repair and restoration of the round covered stage, where are held the performances of symphony orchestras. The monument to "Twelfth Chair”, devoted to work by Ilf and Petrov “The Twelve Chairs”, monument to the known athlete and pilot S. Utochkin, monument to L. Utyosov, and monuments to lion statue and lioness with the lion cubs were also restored and ennobled.


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