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Clock of love in Zaporozhye

Clock of love in ZaporozhyeGrand opening of the "Clock of lovers", located in the Zaporozhye region on Shevchenko Boulevard, occurred in 2003. True, the original intention of the then Mayor Alexander Polyakov was such that these hours would be the "urban Courant", for which they were decorated with the coat of arms of Zaporozhye. But then his opinion has changed and the clock did music: now every hour they lose a small excerpt from the song-unofficial anthem of the city "When spring comes, I do not know ...."

Its name the "City Chimes" is due to the fact that the newlyweds immediately after setting the clock founded a new tradition - to be photographed against the background of the day of the marriage ceremony.

"Clock of Lovers" was not spared by the flashmob in the Internet, collecting on a senseless and sometimes amusing public events. Initially, the movement began in New York in 2003, it instantly traveled around the entire planet and has become very popular among the youth of Zaporozhzhye. This is organized by the crowd through a worldwide computer network of an appointment and spend their leisure time is absolutely unthinkable way, without violating the law. So in 2003 they organized their most famous mob on Shevchenko Boulevard, where, holding hands, flash mobs drove a circle around a "clock in love".


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