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Day of Constitution of Ukraine

Ukrainian ConstitutionJune 28, 1996 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a new Constitution of Ukraine - the first Constitution of the independent Ukrainian state.

Deputies worked on the project, remaining in the session hall the whole night since 27th to 28th June. Parliamentarians have taken into account the comments of the President of Ukraine, and supported all the controversial articles of the draft: the state symbols of Ukraine, the Ukrainian state language, the right of private property in Ukraine.

Adoption of the Constitution established the legal foundation of the independent Ukraine, its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The Day of Constitution. UkraineAdoption of the Constitution was the important step in ensuring human and civil rights, provided the further enhance of the international prestige of Ukraine on the world stage.

Constitution of 1996 operates in Ukraine nowadays.

Constitution Day, in accordance with the Basic Law, is a public holiday and day off.

According to Constitution, Ukraine is a sovereign, independent, social and legal state (Article 1). Ukraine is a unitary state, its territory within the existing borders is a cohesive and untouchable (Article 2).

The Day of Constitution in UkraineA man, his life and health, honor and dignity, untouchability and security are recognized in Ukraine as the highest social value (Article 3).

The state language in Ukraine is Ukrainian (Article 10).

President of Ukraine is the Head of State and acts on its behalf. President - acts as the guarantor of national sovereignty, territorial integrity of Ukraine, observance of the Constitution of Ukraine, rights and freedoms of man and citizen (st.102).

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